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Think Big - Small Steps - Move Fast

Welcome to Strong Root Capital: a young, independent investor that was established in 2011. Our approach is strongly pragmatic and very involved: companies almost always need more than just a financial boost.

We focus on trading companies, manufacturers and service providers, and on small companies with an annual turnover above €5 million, up to medium-size companies with an annual turnover of €150 million. We invest our expertise, experience, decisiveness and capital in these companies.

Many companies neglect opportunities to grow and improve their profitability. They need a new impulse – in their organisation and in their approach – and often they also need additional capital.

We provide precisely that fruitful mix of resources and services: commercial and organisational advice, strategy, product development and market knowledge. We help owners and management to identify opportunities, mobilise resources and put plans into action.

We think big and move fast, but we take things step by step. We do everything in an open and transparent way, and respect the values of all those involved. Because that delivers the best results: for the companies and for investors.